The vast majority of architectural pavestones in SW Florida  are  precast concrete pavers with blended pigment systems.   These precast pavers are NOT fired clay pavers so they will lose significant color and tone in the first three years due to the suns UVA and UVB denigration.  Tropic Seal LLC will significantly retard the tonal loss of pigments  through enrichment chemistry that reduces the effects of the suns radiation with your pavestones.

Additionally precast pavers are very porous with visual to microscopic hooks, nooks and crannies.  These "voids" need to be protected to inhibit the colonization of mold and mildew and prevent the penetration of stains, tannins, rust and vehicular distillates. Sealing by Tropic Seal LLC performs these tasks with high tech sprayers whether using ACRYLICS or architectural grade SILANES. Further, the filling or encapsulating within the units "pores" strengthens the surface with increased mass thereby extending the surface life and overall appearance.

ACRYLIC SEALERS: Tropic Seal  only applies crystal clear and breathable membrane sealers that promote vapor transmission.  Our high soilds ACRYLIC sealers are applied using  high pressure hydraulic fan sprayers. This method allows penetration and promotes longevity and application uniformity. Tropic Seal NEVER ROLLS ACRYLIC SEALERS as this will result in acrylic failure and white crystallization from blocking the pavers ability to BREATHE.

SILANE SEALERS:  These architectural grade micro-bonding full penetrating sealers  provide the ultimate in stain and water protection, enrichment of tonal quality and longevity. This chemistry forms a molecular bond with the aggregate in the precast or natural pavestone. Choosing this material will forever prevent your pavers from the emission of calcium and sodium chloride  (effloresence).  SILANE sealers will last generally last about twice as long as acrylic sealers. They are applied with low pressure chemical sprayers as they cannot be atomized during application.  The BEST and most sophisticated technology currently available.

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